Disc-O-Bed XL With Organizers

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Camping just got more comfortable.

If you’ve got room to spare, the tent’s the limit with the Disc-O-Bed XL. This extra-large take on our classic modular Disc-O-Bed L adds more sleep space (35”/88cm wide) and comfort to any base camp. 

  • Wider and longer than standard cots
  • Bunkable to save room
  • Rounded frame won’t damage tent floor and gives you storage underneath

Technical Specs

  • Beige, powder coated, anti rust steel frame
  • Outer dimensions: 82” (208cm) L x 39.5” (100cm) W x 36” (92cm) H
  • Sleep area: 79” (201cm) L x 35” (88cm) W
  • Height of bottom cot: 11” (29cm)
  • Height of top cot: 32” (81cm)
  • Pack dimensions: 39.5” (100cm) L x 15.5” (39cm) W x 4.5” (11cm) H
  • Dimensions per Cot 79” (201cm) L x 35” (88cm) W x  11” (29cm) H
  • Weight of bunk: 62.5lbs (28kg)
  • Shipping weight (in box): 71.5lbs Shipping weight (in box): 67lbs (30.5kg) Weight tolerance: 500 lbs (227kg)– per single cot


  • 2 Cots
  • 2 Side Organizers
  • 2 Carry Bags
  • Set of Stack Adapters (2 in each bag)
  • 2 Locking Straps (1 in each bag)

Assembly Instructions